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Shopping Notes

Shopping Notes

1. How to shop at the fairtown website?
A: Please register and login to this website (become a member of the website)

2, information about the delivery address
A: It is very important to confirm the receipt address information.
After confirming the order, check that your shipping address information must meet the following conditions:

All English receipt information (including full name, detailed address, correct postal code, phone number and email address)

Korean guests, according to the requirements of the logistics company, also need to provide 13 customs clearance codes or birth date.

3. What is the time of delivery?
A: Fairytown's products are generally divided into spot and scheduled.
Spots are generally issued within 7 working days; scheduled (with production cycle waiting) and other special circumstances, will also be described in the detailed introduction of the single product, please be sure to read the product introduction details.